The Fine Art of Giclee FAQs
Q:How much can I sell my giclee prints for?
A:There is no simple answer to this question. Prices vary from $20 for small prints by unknown artists to thousands of dollars for full sheets by well known artists. Many factors contribute to the price including: the reputation of the artist, the size of the print, and the edition count. The price of your original art is a relative indicator of what you will get for your prints.
Q:Do I need to copyright my work?
A:No. Copyright exists from the moment the work is created. You do not need to register your work unless you want to bring a suit against an offender. Visit the Library of Congress for more information on copyright laws and protection.
Q:If my image is on your site, can't someone copy and reproduce it?
A:No. Images on the internet are not suitable for reproducing prints since the image files are so small.
Q:Can I reproduce an image taken with my digital camera?
A:Many digital cameras can capture images up to 2000 x 1500 pixels (3 megapixels). Typically, you want your image to be around 200dpi-300dpi at final output size and so the pixels spread at this resolution will limit your output size. Please see Digital Files for more information.
Q:Are my 35mm slides suitable for reproduction?
A:A 35mm slide can be used to reproduce prints up to about 20"x16" with good results. Prints larger than this will not be as crisp. Depending upon your needs, you may be satisfied with larger sizes. Note that a print this size contains about 36MB of information at 200dpi. Please see Digital Files for more information.
Q:What is dot gain?
A:Dot gain is a measure of the spread of an ink droplet when it is applied to a substrate. The smaller the dot gain, the higher the effective resolution of the substrate.
Canvas and photobase paper offer the tightest dot gain which is only required for works with the finest detail that the printer can resolve. However, photobase does not have the archival properties of canvas and watercolor papers.

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